Form requirements

well, i have some things that have to be assessed.

Forums – most of this is already in place

chat rooms – see for this one

private messages

Blogs – for individual members

Pics/gallery – pics of the indiv prison, members, etc

polls – what is the hardest

birthdays – look for a module


resources – forum but with the category of resources – jobs, etc

search – search the site

ads – spaces/blocks/regions

chat – find module

taxonomy – beging the vocab

3 thoughts on “Form requirements”

  1. Steps to a simple gallery in Drupal 7
    Posted by celticremark on April 16, 2011 at 3:43am
    See this gallery at

    All I have done was create a content type named “album”
    In that content type I added a image file field with unlimited values
    I then downloaded the shadowbox module and configured the display to open the image in the shadowbox viewer
    After that I created a simple view with a link to each of the albums


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