New Aggregators and Drush’s ‘archive-backup’

i am working with the different aggregators that are available for drupal. it is really kinda slow going though because the documentation just isn’t that good. and i supposed that what I want to do is rather involved.

here are my requirements

  1. aggregate news items (RSS Feeds) from about 30 sources
  2. Place them in one big list with category choices in each post for categorization
  3. or have them categorized automatically based on a defined keyword algorithm

i think that is it. number three is the real key, i believe. so that is what i am working on in regards to drupal these days

all in all it is going pretty well though. but what i suspect is going to happen is that I am going to have to write the module for no. 3 myself. and that is cool except that i don’t know how. but, that is where i see my career going at this point. i need to learn programming. so, i am going to try to study php for an hour a day.

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