JS, CSS and more

Well, my slacking is going to end. by that i mean that i am going to actually get superfish to work on my drupal site tonight. and by slacking, i mean that i have been spending all my time working on the js and css stuff. which has been really fun and cool. here is a really good web site for css aspiritors.

20 Websites To Help You Learn and Master CSS

I hope that the link on this comes through ok. otherwise i am going to have to redo it. but. all things considered, the slog through the nexus of design>programming>form>function appears to be moving. even if it is moving in sort of strange spurts. ok. on to superfish. and i have been using komodoedit a lot. and that seems to be a pretty good program for something that is free. and even gimp is coming along although that one is really tough.

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