import/export aggregator sources – drupal 7 core module

So i have my three environments setup and i am moving module settings from sandbox to quality. i have dozens of aggregator sources that i need to move. and i don’t want to reenter them manually. so i am using phpmyadmin to export the table to an sql file and then import it.

well, i made this work. it was a bit of a pain but not too bad. i had to install phpmyadmin on my sandbox server and export the proper table (aggregator_feed) to a sql file. i then sneakerneted the file to the new server. i had to install phpmyadmin on that server too. that was a bit more work. once i had it installed i was unable to access it without changing the root mysql user from ‘blank’ (no password) to ‘something’ (one of my password defaults). then i was able to import the sql file into the drupal db. since this is a core mod, i didn’t have to do anything to get the file to import properly. then, since i had had changed the password of the user that drupal runs under, i had to change that in the settings.php file used by drupal. done and done and it only took a couple hours.

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