Multilingual site

one of the big value-adds for my site will be the multilingual component. Luckily, i only have to deal with english and spanish. going to blog a bit about what i’m doing to make this work.

the following is directly from it’s so handy for this that I just copied and pasted it.  credit for it goes to: Created by luco on September 3, 2011.


You’ll need the latest version of each of the following modules. If there isn’t a stable release, don’t worry. It’ll still work for the purpose of this tutorial.


  1. Internationalization     dev
  2. Pathauto
  3. Token
  4. Transliteration
  5. Variable
  6. Chaos Tools
  8. Internationalization Views
  9. Localization update (l10n_update)

Optional, but handy

  1. Administration Language
  2. Administration Menu
  3. Demonstration site (Sandbox / Snapshot)
  4. Module Filter

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