Drupal core upgrade to 7.19

Today I’m going to upgrade core. qual first then prod. i don’t really think there is a compelling reason but i haven’t done a core update yet and i want to have it documented. plus, i want to get rid of the notice about a security update being available. it’s persistent. which is good.

here is a good link: http://drupal.org/node/1494290

since i have a great quality env (VMware) I am using sync toy to back up all the vmdk and related files from the windows host where the centos qual files live. i’ll then follow the instructions on how to upgrade core. should be fine but this way i don’t have to install in sand first. plus, i need to back up the vm files for qual; it hasn’t been done in 8 days.

i have two machines at home. a new windows 7 laptop which i like a lot and an old dell running xp which i honestly love. i have 2.5 gb of mem in the 3.0 ghz cpu and it runs everything i need. i have an external usb connected to that and i keep everything of value in the my docs folder. i use synctoy to sync the desk and laptop my docs and then backup the desk my docs to the external 1tb drive. the only hole in this approach is fire. i’m not worried about theft (for other reasons). i should think about some sort of off site storage. but if this place burns down i’ll have much bigger troubles.

my prod host is with Blackmesh.com hosting. a very excellent hosting company.

the laptop runs the VMs. i have them all on the same network so it is pretty easy to access files from the desk to a vm host. layer 1 is wireless. all in all a nice setup.

so sync toy is moving my vm to the desk from the laptop right now. will be about 30 more minutes.

2 thoughts on “Drupal core upgrade to 7.19”

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