To do list for Monday

well, i’m watching football. atlanta lost. grr…. i hope the pats lose. i have some php stuff open on my laptop while i watch the game and inhale cookies. but i am having a hard time concentrating on that stuff. so, i am going to work on a to do list. and a wish list as well.

  1. Finish Language module work
  2. upgrade core from 7.18 to 7.19
  3. Start on PHP5 work
  4. eat cookies going to give em up for lent. wait that doesn’t start this week….
  5. have remove qmail restriction
  6. start SEO for
  7. SEO for this blog.
  8. catholic answers for recon
  9. snacks to replace cookies
  10. ssl on sign in pages only – content isn’t sensitive.

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