Resolved – Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view

I have been working with a bunch of the language modules and I am now receiving this error on the main page of my quality environment. Eh, that’s why you have quality. Well, that’s really why you have a sandbox. but my sandbox really needs some help. Fortunately, I backed everything up before my last prod change, including quality. If I can’t fix it, I may roll back and punt.

Warning: Parameter 1 to icl_content_node_view() expected to be a reference, value given in module_invoke_all() (line 857 of/var/www/html/includes/

this is a known bug. and

Here is the actual patch procedure from hgneng. Big thanks for this; it worked perfectly.

I did have to install the app “patch” to use this proc. simple – yum install patch

Posted by hgneng on May 16, 2012 at 8:38am

The patch works for Drupal 7.14. Why not merge it to dev?

@tzanis how to install patch (for Linux user):
$ cd sites/all/modules/translation_management/icl_content
$ wget…
$ cp
$ patch -p1 -i translation_management-node-hooks-by-value.patch.txt

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