Data Migration

Since I have been working extensively with syncing three separate but identical environments (Production, Quality and Sandbox) I’ve also been doing a lot of work with data migrations. migrating-to-drupal-7
Migrate data

There are different methods and tools that work for different situations and it’s been difficult to get a handle on what will work best for a particular job.

I’ve been able to export tables straight out of phpmyadmin and import them to the new sites in a few cases. But what about larger migrations? One of my big concerns with Drupal is the large differences between major versions. How do you go from 6 to 7? What if I want to take this WordPress blog and put it in Drupal?

I’ve read many different books on Drupal and found that this one looks promising for migrating content. It’s from Packtpub and contains many useful suggestions about available tools and how to use them. Check this one out if you need a road map to migrate a lot of data.

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