Themes, SEO and Aggregator items

Today I am working on getting my Prod site to a point where I can leave it up and running in a relatively functional state while I work on the real theming dev work in my sandbox. I’ll also begin working on some SEO stuff today for the prod site.

I guess that it is worth mentioning that while my Prod site does exist, I haven’t mentioned the URL  Nor the nature of the site. It isn’t really ready for prime time yet. It is close but not quite. and when I say that, I mean in a relatively workable state. The prod site itself will still take months before I am completely through with it. But soon it will be at a point where I’ll feel more comfortable with its availability.

I do plan on working on some SEO stuff today. If you want to learn about SEO, analytics and all that, just google the term. I have learned a lot from this (and the other two blogs I keep) blog and its very helpful info for Google and Bing. If you want to learn this stuff, start a WordPress blog. They are free and the experience has been a lot of fun.

So, I have a base Adaptive Theme subtheme enabled for the site. It is very bare, almost like the Stark theme, but fine for what I need right now. Now that I have that in place and I am comfortable with what those who might stumble on it may see, I’ll be working on the real theming in the sandbox.

And all that begs a question; how much do you really keep sand and quality in line? if you do it all manually, you might get a benefit from the repeated process of implementation. But it also means a lot of work. My ideas are based around refreshing quality from sand via a file copy of the VM files. I think i might script a copy. i’ll work out the details and post later.

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