SEO stuff

Yesterday I installed the SEO checklist from Volacci. I felt a little overwhelmed at first from the sheer number of modules and submodules that are installed. So, I did not install them on Prod even though I submitted a Change Request. Today, I began going through all the different settings that are available in the checklist in my Sand environment. And once i started, I realized that they aren’t too bad. Some of the items (adding verifications from Google and Bing) really can’t be done in a non-prod environment so i’m waiting on those. Installing and configuring Mollom is similar. But the long and short is that I feel like the newly added submods and mods are ok. I will go ahead and install them in prod.

One note, i reviewing some of the mods that I didn’t install in sand (mainly the things with URL redirects and aliases), I have found additional details about these features not playing too nicely with some of the multilingual aspects. And those are more important to me.

this site will not really be in direct competition with anyone so SEO isn’t as important to me as it would be in another industry. In most other cases SEO is crucial. But not here.

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