More SEO for tomorrow

Well, I didn’t get as much done today as I would have liked. Seems to be that way a lot. Aim high I suppose.

Tomorrow I will be finishing up the SEO stuff. Installing the modules on Prod, configing. And adding the info from Google and Bing. Those are some of the real keys. But…

The number one key is content. Make sure that you have something to say, that it is relevant and informative. I never expected this blog to be anything more than a sounding board for my ideas on what to do with Drupal. And while it has succeeded there, it has also attracted some attention. Which, I would like to thank those folk for. That in itself has helped me hone out some of my ideas.

3 thoughts on “More SEO for tomorrow”

    1. thanks for your comments, Una. I’m glad to be of some sort of help to someone, honestly. let me know if you have any other comments, suggestions or anything else. take care and have a great day! pj


  1. “More SEO for tomorrow | Start Learning Drupal” bunmicatering was indeed a great posting.
    If solely there was far more web blogs like this specific one on the cyberspace.
    Regardless, thank you for ur time, Shauna


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