SEO Checklist

Today has been pretty productive in regards to the SEO checklist. I spent many hours on this today. Here is what I have done.

  1. Install Administration menu module – Easy choice.
  2. Install Elements module. – No. Don’t believe I’ll need it at this point.
  3. Install Security Review module – Security is good. installed
  4. Install Module Filter module – Should be core.
  5. Configure Page Title module – Doing this instead of Meta tags.
  6. Google/Bing stuff – Do it all. Including the analytics stuff. Why not? I’ve had Google and Live IDs for years now anyway.
  7. Install Context Keywords module – not but sounds really cool. Present differnet options based on what they searched for.
  8. Install Meta tags – No.
  9. Install Scheduler module – Easy choice.
  10.  Install HTML Purifier module. – Not enough people use it yet.
  11. Install Search 404 module – Yes. Cool mod.
  12. Install SEO Compliance Checker module – No
  13. Install Read More Link module – No
  14. Validate and check broken links – don’t have enough content to do this now. Will do it later.
  15. Submit site to search engines – Bing and Google.  I didn’t have to do this in all the ways that the modules do. I have access to the html root so I just uploaded the verification file myself.
  16. Install AddThis module – only one that i went with for Social Media. There are several choices. I believe this one to be the best.

Read all that you can on this stuff. the list is great but you need to be educated on the subject to do it properly.

Tomorrow, I configure Mollom. I’ve done it before and it isn’t too bad.

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