Google Webmaster/Analytics, Bing Tools, SEO, Drupal and WordPress

I’ve been working with the Google analytics and webmaster tools. These are really helpful and I recommend that you take a look at them for your site. I’m doing the “dev” work for this site. Setting up the tags and such. I believe that it will actually be easier to do this in drupal than wordpress since doesn’t allow you to upload javascript files.

So I have the webmaster tools configured and they are working. that isn’t too bad. just get the account, the meta tag and put it into the wp widget. then verify. i’ve also tied the analytics page to the webmaster tools. i have a message from google that says that it is tied in but i have yet to see any actual data. will look more later.

I also have the Bing Webmaster tools configed for this site. I just checked that and I must have something misconfigured. althought the site map that I submitted it showing up. not sure. will look this afternoon.

I don’t believe that you really need more than those two engines. if anyone has an opinion on this, please share it because i’m probably missing something.

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