SEO Resources

Since this blog is about Drupal and not SEO per se, I am finishing this subject up. I have a few web resources listed below that you might want to check out. But really, just google SEO Best Practices and start reading. Learn the subject then come up with a plan that suits your site.

  • What is your competition? What do they do? If you have direct competition that does a better job that you, reverse engineer their methods and implement them more effectively.
  • Get the Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Tools configured. They are free. Remember that Yahoo! search is really Bing.
  • Read. Learn SEO.
  • Develop a plan that is best for your site. If you are aiming at a niche market like me, you don’t need to compete; you need to drive awareness. And you need to satisfy a need. So make sure your content addresses what they want.
  • Develop a marketing plan that has nothing to do with the web in addition to all this other stuff.

Beginners SEO

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress « WordPress Codex

On-Page SEO Best Practices SEOmoz

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