Views and Filter Criteria

The views module is one of the greatest strengths in Drupal. But it can be a little intimidating at first. And there isn’t enough documentation available online. but i need to learn it and use it. here is what i needed to do and how i did it.

I have 25 aggregator feeds. I categorize them periodically as they come in from newspapers all around the state. I needed a way to show only the “new” items. So I created a view.

To show only the ones from the current day I needed to create a filter. here is what it looks like


the only real problem that i had was how to set the operator. the – 24 hours means go back from the current system time 24 hours as a start point for the view. the operator tells the system to show timestamps of that or greater, which translates to closer to the current time.
Views is a great tool. You have to learn it to use Drupal effectively. Now i am going to learn how to integrate it with panels so I can have the maximum amount of flexibility in displaying my views.

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