Story Boarding – Views, Panels and Users

I’m finally starting to put my content together in a tangible order. And I’m using a technique called Storyboarding. It’s really just writing out a plot with dialogue and choices and such, following the path of someone who finds the site and wants to use it. Think of it like a scene in a movie.

It also involves where to give a little and where to give more. And this is where Drupal Panels is really helping me out. And the ability to clone Views.

I start with a Frontpage for anonymous users. I have all the content that I want to show the guests, but I don’t want them to get the links to the contents’ full value. So, I clone the View and then remove the links from the Fields that I am displaying. I create a Basic page that I can integrate with the Guest page that explains this. And explains how they can get more by signing in. And since the membership is free (and easy with the FB plugin) this is a really easy sell.  And then I put that into a Panel.

So once again, Views and Panels.

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