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Well, I think that my site is finally ready for some sort of publication. It doesn’t have all the functionality that I want and it has almost no styling at all. But that’s fine; it is a work in progress. And as I add CSS and theme elements, I’ll post how I achieved the results.

If you care to take a look I invite you to. And let me know what you think. is the name of the site.

I’ve been involved in prison ministry for some time now and got the idea for the site from my experience in dealing with men involved in the criminal justice system and Departments of Correction (DOC) of various states in the USA. The situations that these men and women find themselves in are exceedingly difficult and their families are often ill equipped to deal with the complicated proceedings of the American justice system.  There are few free resources out there and information is usually gained through word of mouth or overtaxed public defenders. So there is usually precious little on which to make informed decisions. I hope to help address that.

The site is listed as a .org and I do plan on incorporating as a 501(c)(3) if the site proves to fill a need and attract an audience. I have a couple of guys providing a bit of feeder information in the blogs and forums and I want to thank them for helping me out. My desire to help springs from my faith and I pray that others may see that and find a desire in themselves to help those in need.

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