Panel Pages, Variants and the Default front page in Drupal

I’ve been plugging all the different sections of content I have created into a layout that comprises my site. And by “sections” I generally mean Views that have been created to display content on a Panel Page.

So I have a Panel page that has been designate as the “Default front page” of the site. There are plenty of ways to display a specific page as the front page of a site depending on what web server you are using (IIS, Apache….) and other factors in the code, an HTTP redirect…. lots of ways….

In Drupal you go to Site Information to see what path leads to the front page. But you can also choose this when you are configuring your Panel Page. And this is where I was able to use a Variant in a way that really helps.

I have one front page, and two variants of that page. They have the same path, but different layouts and different components. And the deciding factor is whether the “logged in user” is “authenticated” or “anonymous”. If your anonymous, you get one thing, logged in, you get another. This is really helpful because some people choose to save passwords and log in automatically to sites and you want them to get the “front page” of the site that matches their login status. So this one way that Variants can help.

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