Mail Handler Update

I believe that I have the Mailhandler module working properly. And, as usual with Drupal, there are a few quirks.

I tried it with my gmail account, which requires TCP port 995 for POP3 or 993 for IMAP4 These are the secure versions of these protocols. But they don’t appear to work properly. At least, I couldn’t get them. But I have my email provider,, and they were able to give me some fast assistance.

I used IMAP, over port 143. I created an address on the qmail admin page, set the password and then went through the very simple process of connecting. Here is a note. When you are connected successfully, you will get a notice seen in the attached image. But when it fails, it should fail quickly and not tell you anything. And that slowed me down because I thought that it was working. So look for the msg below.

The next step is to configure a Feed importer that uses the Mailhandler mod as a “Fetcher”. I have mine setup but I am not sure if it is working yet. Will return soon.


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