Publish via Email

One of the things that I need to be able to do is publish content via email. I currently receive information from the Appellate courts of TN that will be of interest to those who use my site. They don’t have an RSS feed for this but they do email me summaries and links.

There are options out there for this sort of thing but I am not sure how good they are. But I believe this will be a real convenience for me because I can easily script email messages via Blat. If you’ve never used Blat before and have a need for automating log file retrieval via email check it out. I used it for years in the corporate world and it is a great tool and it is free. But you do need a way to relay mail, which can classify you as a spammer to many so be aware of the implications.

But I will be working on that today and will provide an update later.

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