Mailhandler Module

Well, I have made more progress on this and understand it pretty well now.

  1. Mailhandler Mailbox – [Name is] Connects you to the POP3/IMAP4 Mailbox.                                                                              
  2. Feeds Importer [TNCourts] – This is one of the big ones. You tie the IMAP Fetcher and the IMAP Parser to the Content type that you should already have created. In this case, it is TNCourts
  3. Content Type [TNCourts] – I think this is where i have some work to do because the body of my email is there but showing up in the View that I have created.
  4. Content [TNCourts] – I unpublish this so it won’t show in my view but you have to have it. Even though it appears as a piece of content the same way that the nodes created by this process are, it is the master for those and the import will break if you delete it. To keep it from showing in Views, I just unpublish it.
  5. Nodes [titles from the subject] of the emails that are imported if you made that choice in step 2 in the Feeds importer mapping. Subject source title target.
  6. Views – Create one to display the content type TNCourts where the content is published.

This is a tricky area. But what you can get from it is really worth the effort.

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