Views – A better way to show different versions of the same content.

I believe that the Views module may be one of the smartest parts of Drupal. Since I have my full html emails coming in properly now, I’ve moved to Views to get them to display the way that I want.

I create one Master View for the content type of TNCourts, the custom CT I created for the Mailhandler stuff. Then, I create page-based overrides for the individual versions. So the titles of the content pieces (each email is a separate piece of content) reflect how I want them arranged. So each version of the master has all the same filter criteria but the title. that differs just a bit and I reflect that difference in the filter criteria. I then create a new page path and menu title for each version. Here is a SS:Image You can see in red where the differences are. This is much better than creating a separate View for each way to display. I just had to play with it a lot to “get” that aspect of the product. But then again, I am an idiot.

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