Drupalchat and IFlychat.com

There aren’t too many easy solutions in Drupal. Drupal is awesome but requires quite a bit of work to implement its features. So it is always a pleasant surprise to find something that works well straight out of the box.

I have a need for chat. Information is one of the selling points of my site, DOCResource.org (yes, membership is free but the market is still crowded) and that info comes from a customer base that is geographically dispersed and not usually aware of others like themselves. So an easy chat solution is a really big deal to me. And this is it:DOCResource.org Drupalchat

Iflychat offers a significantly better polling method for the free Drupalchat module. You can run the module for free using AJAX or the long polling method but there are performance issues with this approach. I ran it myself for a while and it works and will provide you with a way to see if it will work for you. But after you test out these polling methods, create an IFlychat account for free and try that. Much better performance and better integration. You can read more about that on their web site. The feature is free for the first ten simultaneous users. For me, this will be a perfect way to get my site up and running as I grow my customer base. And one other thing. Support appear to be good as I was able to talk to the developer over chat on a Sunday morning. Every question answered.

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