Multilingual – Revisited

It took me a little longer to get back to this and I am frankly not eager about it. Because Multilingual is hard. There are a LOT of modules and ways to do this. And this myriad of choices makes for a lot of in-the-dark feeling decision making.

Read this first –

You might read this post of mine from January when I was neck deep in this stuff. I have a neat Draw file that shows some of the complexity that you can find here.

Drupal 7 Language Modules, Dependencies and a Few Relationships Between Them

I will say though that I have gotten better with Drupal and feel like I have a good shot at making this work.

One of the things that I was really hoping to find was a way to translate stuff automatically. And you can do that to a degree with the Drupal Interfaces. But the content, well I believe that it has to be a manual process. There are good tools available to do that and to manage the process. But NFL …No Free Lunch…

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