Today, I am going to spend some time learning more about Views. I think that understanding Views is critical. Not just the basics, but the overall capabilities so that when you do your initial Views design you can make that it is going to scale properly, give you the max flexibility later. I’ll be doing a lot of reading and will post some of the things that I find.

First thing. I have 15 Views for Aggregator items from RSS Feeds. Each View is filtering a category. But, if I delete the individual Views, create one Master View and create subviews under the one Master View, then I keep the UI tidier and I have better control over all those categories’ Views because the Master CAN override the individuals. That way I can make global changes. At least, that’s the thought.


Global: Result summary (Results Returned) – i wanted to have this but didn’t know where. Shows the total of a Views based query. I expose the Body in the Filter Criteria and then allow the user to input text to search for. it now show number of results.
Pretty happy with this. And using a hierarchical style of creating Views is a good idea because of the centralized control.
I have some other things that I am going to do with Views later but for now, I’m good. On (back) to Multilingual.

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