Multilingual Considerations

I have made a decision about what is going to be translated on my site. Since the site mainly warehouses news information from outside sources via RSS and Mailhandler and there is a tremendous amount of content all the time, I can’t hope to translate that.

What I can offer is:

  • Spanish support in the interface
  • English or Spanish as a language default in the People settings for individuals
  • Forums, Blogs, and other standard (core) Content Types that can be available in both languages depending on the author.

So I believe that I am going to go with the Content Translation path. I wanted to do Entity Translation before but I believe that it is just going to be too much to offer everything in both languages. I accumulate over 100 nodes every day from outside sources and there is no inexpensive way to translate all that. It could be done, but I don’t have the time to translate all that (even if my spanish was better than it is) and I can’t afford the services that can do it.

I want to emphasize that though. Drupal can have complete content synchronization between all nodes if that is what you want to pay for. but that is beyond my budget at this time.

But the point of all this is to be realistic about what it is that you can provide. and what you need to provide. Do a little storyboarding and floow the path of a non-english speaker.

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