Posting Content to Twitter

This post is not about putting tweets on your site. You can do that I but I have no need for that myself. This post concerns the other direction – posting TO Twitter

Good deal. I am now posting to Twitter. Not in the way that I want to but it is at least working. This service is a lot like Mollom and; you have create an application on the service’s side and then use the keys that they create for you to connect. That part is easy. Here are a bunch of links that will tell you how to do this. – Stuff for the Drupal Side – this is really for drupal 6 but the concepts for OAuth are the same.

Make sure that your app has read write privs.

I’m not using the sign-in through Twitter the way I use FB. It doesn’t appear that you glean the email addresses by using Twitter this way.

Once you have all the OAuth stuff in place the mods installed and configured, it is time to post to make sure the basic stuff works. I’ll get into what I want to do with it myself on a different post since it is somewhat more involved.

  • Create a New Content Type – just take some default values and name it Twitter Posts
  • Go to the breadcrumb below and enable Twitter Posts as shown
Node types

 Basic page
 Blog entry
 Forum topic
 Images CB
 Twitter Posts
 User Alert
Choose which node types should support posting to Twitter.
Default format string

The given text will be used as a template for posting to The following token replacements are available: !url, !url-alias, !tinyurl, !title, and !user
 Post to twitter by default

When active, tweets will be automatically published.
  •  Now add content to the content type. I just added some text on the body of the node and saved it
  • Make sure that  Announce this post on Twitter is checked
  • Save it.
  • You should see – Successfully posted to Twitter

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