Posting Aggregator Content to Twitter II

this is going to work. i actually made it work but missed the series of steps last night. but i will reproduce it today.

Here is what i need to do:

  • Have Twitter display my aggregated news (from RSS Feeds) items as they are classified by me using the Core Aggregator Module. I already have the Twitter integration mod installed and working. 

Here is the issue:

  • Aggregator Core doesn’t create nodes from these items, just simple db objects
  • The Feeds Module will create nodes from RSS items, but the classification isn’t nearly as easy as it is with Core and I have over 100 items per day to classify so I have to use Core

Here is what I am doing to work with existing code/mods.

  • Create a feed version (in Views) of the View for the News Feeds that shows News items from the last 24 hours. This View is the end result of the categorization that I do.
  • Now I have an RSS Feed for the View. I can go to my email client, put that URL in and get the News items that I catregorize as RSS items. And I have a nice little RSS Feed icon at the bottom on the nPanel that hold the View
  • Import that created rss feed into the Feeds module using a Feeds importer
  • The importer puts the items into a Content Type create for the Twitter integration. This part works from a manual process.  when I create content with that Content Type, it goes into Twitter

This all works like it should except that I am missing one thing somewhere. I have made it work once but then I changed something (it was late last night and I was half asleep) and missed what it was that I needed. But I will make this work again.

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