Turn a Drupal View into an RSS Feed

In my quest to get Aggregator DB items into Twitter automatically, I have finished one part that in itself is pretty good. I now have an RSS feed available for the View in its display on the front page of the site via the little RSS icon. you’ll need to sign in to see the View, in the center and the RSS icon at the bottom. But you can sign in with Facebook. but here is what i did to make this part work.

Under web services, make sure that you have:

RSS publishing

 You are here
Status message
The configuration options have been saved.
Feed description – add something for the hover on the rss icon

Description of your site, included in each feed.
Number of items in each feed- 10

Default number of items to include in each feed.
Feed contentTitles onlyTitles plus teaserFull text

Global setting for the default display of content items in each feed.
Then, go to your View. Here is a ss of what i have
view feed

this is really it. now i have an rss icon for the view. but the main thing that it is going to help me with is getting the rss feed into an importer from Feeds, then getting it into a Content Type that can be published automatically to Twitter. when i manage to make this work seemlessly, i’ll post it.

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