Search Module – Options and Plugins

Google proved it – Search is key. and the search that comes with Drupal is OK. But not great. I have some search features that I am using by exposing different Views’ filters to the site users. But that really isn’t good either. Melissa Mayer showed the world that simplicity is best (she designed Google’s nearly blank search page)

drupal search

and that lesson isn’t lost here. I need one way to search everything on my site. and that’s it. that is my quest for today and the last one that I will undertake before I start in on the actual design of the site with CSS and all that fun stuff. From the standpoint of function, this is the last thing to be done.

This is a good page to start with in regards to search. What is cool about the core search feature is the ability to extend the functionality via the checkboxes for additional search mods.   —–>

What I really need to be able to search is the Aggregator items that I store. They are DB objects and not nodes which is what makes them tricky.

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