Make an image into a link

I didn’t think that this would be a big deal but it was bigger than I thought. Now that I am able to display an image via a node from a custom content type without a bunch of fields normally associated with comments, titles, etc., I also want to be able to use that image as a link to an internal or external site.

LinkImage Defines an link image field type.

Requires: Field (enabled), Field SQL storage (enabled), Image (enabled), File (enabled)
Required by: Drupal (Field type(s) in use – see Field list)

This is what I needed. this allows a Link IMage Field Type to be added to your content type for handling images. So by using this module, along with the Exclude Node Title, I can now place any image in a panel and have that image act as a link. Very nice!

Here is a ss of the Custom Content Type that I created for Images. I could then go into the node itself and add a url to the image. I actually had to play with it a bit but it will work. I had to delete the original node and readd after adding the field to the content type.

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