IFrame stuff – what you can’t do

well, i have just about gven up on this. I have googled, asked those smarter than i am. that’s pretty much anybody, though. and i believe that what I am trying to do is not going to work and  is probably not possible anyway.

I have been trying to insert some code into an iframe so that I can load a widget and translate any page that appears in that Iframe. But, for what are really obvious reasons involving security, this can’t be done. if you know how to do it; make me eat some crow. please. crow is good. makes you learn humility. and it makes you learn.and i heard that it can make you less dumb.

so, if i haven’t gotten anywhere tomorrow when i get up on this, it is on to intercepting theme elements to allow you to add your own styling elements to your site. fun stuff. pretty stuff. css.

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