Google Adsense, Block, Views, and Panels.

The last thing that I am going to do before I start with the css styling on my site is configure some ads via Google Adsense. Here is a general overview of what to do:

  • Download and install the Drupal Adsense module. It has been around for many years and will behave very well. 
  • Create an Adsense account at Google. This means including payments options for them, including banking info. I’m sure it is fine but be aware of what you are doing.
  • Make a note of your pub number from Google. And the slot number from the ad that you create to get started
  • The module enabled the easy placement of the ad via a Block. The block config is also where you will go to enter the slot number referenced above.
  • The tough part for me now is the placement. I really use Panels and Views, and Nodes to display my content. So I am going to figure out how to do that. Otherwise, I may have to place the code for the ad manually in a content type and use it in a Panel that way. Which will be ok but I hope that I can do it a bit easier than that. I’ll be back with an update later.
  • OH – NOTE – You won’t see the ads if you are an admin unless you change the permissions
  • The blocks also show up under Miscellaneous in the Add Panel Content area so that solves that!
  • It appears that I have to complete the payment verification process from my bank to get things finished. That can take a day or two. I will then have to verify the amount in my account and go from there.

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