One small CSS change to my Drupal Home Page

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I want to move the whole page down just a little bit. My logo is flush against the top of the page. I just want a little head room. So, I want to do this via CSS.

Using Firebug and Firefox, i right click on the top of the page and choose inspect element. this doesn’t get me right where i need to be but it is close.

the two ss will show you everything that you need to see in red outlines. by using firebug, i can trace down the element I want by simply digging a bit into the

lower left toolbar of firebug. Then, on the right, i see the margin area that I need to change. I can make the change in FB in a completely safe way to make sure that the change is the one that I want. the right hand side of FB also shows me the CSS file that it is coming from and even the line number that I need to alter.

start learning drupal -

I can then FTP the CSS file over SSH, open it with Aptana (or textpad, if you like) and change it. SSH will sense the changed file and ask me if I want to overwrite it. I do and then the change is a part of prod. Very easy, very safe and very nice!






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