More fun with CSS – Use Firebug, Firefox and Aptana

Well, I can say it: I am not good at design. I can make the tech stuff work. I can figure out all the strange little details, but I can’t look at a bunch of text and decide how to make it pretty. So, like all non-artistic people, I’m going to copy someone else’s work. I have a few ideas but they are going to take time.

So, CSS and Drupal. It isn’t too bad ONCE YOU GET USED TO USING FIREBUG. If you haven’t used this tool yet, go get it. Now. Then come back. Greatest tool for doing design ever. Let’s you test out chang

es on the fly. Which is great because there are so many choices with CSS. So, get Firebug. And, get Aptana code editor. It is free and there are integrations with Firebug. I believe that the best browser to use is Firefox. I usually prefer Chrome but Firebug just seems to work better with Firefox. Anyway, here is a SS of the integration offered with this set up:learn drupal firebug

As you can see, I can move right into the selector for the element that I want to work with from Firebug. I can then right click on the CSS file and open it directly into Aptana. Very nice. I can then FTP the altered CSS to my server via SSH and I am rolling.

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