Adding CSS to one element

So I have some text in my header. You can see from the SS that I have added a font size to the text from inside Firebug so that I can try out the change. And since I like what I have done, I want to add the CSS to the element’s selector in the CSS file. But…. this particular element isn’t IDd specifically in the CSS file yet. I need to add it. But how? That i

learn drupal css

s what I will be working tonight. So while you are at the bar, swilling hops and grain, I’ll be doing that. Am I lucky or what on a Friday night?

When I figure out how to do this, I will post…

So, I used the native firebox debugging tool and I see that the style being used is Inline. Duh. But in Drupal, where does the inline come from and how do I overwrite it in CSS?

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