CKEditor – Final Post on this

I have worked with all sorts of different editors and I have decided to go with CKEditor. If you start down the WYSIWYG Module path, you might think that there are so many options that this is the best way to approach it. I disagree. Most of the  editors offered there are not too good. Use the KISS rule and go with the CKEditor module.

It can a little confusing to setup (at least for those with double digit IQs, like me) at first but I believe that it offers the best integration (IMCE Image) and the most plugins.

This is a great video by Philip Gledhill showing you how to do the complete install, with IMCE. Here is the long and short of it too.

  1. Don’t use the WYSIWYG Module; Use the Drupal CKEditor Module.
  2. Place the CKEditor Library (Different package, get it here) inside the CKEditor MODULE folder and not in the libraries folder. This is where you can get tripped up. This is the normal place for code libraries to go, but not in this case.
  3. Don’t put the CKEditor Module software in the CKEditor subfolder of CKEditor. This will trip it up too. 

If you have problems, watch the video. That will nail it down for you.

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