Fixing my Superfish Menu bar

I have been trying to fix this with CSS. And I just can’t make it work. Why? Because I probably don’t know enough CSS. So, instead of wasting time, i am going to take a different approach.

You can see that the menu bar doesn’t extend all the way to the outer part of the frame like I want it to. the background is an image that is repeated many times

learn drupal css superfish

over and over  so what I am going to do is alter the image itself to include the color portion that I want it to have. To me, this isn’t the best solution because it locks me in with that color, but I also figure that I’ll learn enough CSS along this trip to do what I really want later.

learn drupal images       this isn’t going to show up too well but it should do.

the image on the left is the original. to make the menu      bar fit, i added the menu bar image to the sliver image 
learn drupal images

and you see the end result below. i need to tweak the borders but that can be done with CSS – even by me!

learn drupal images

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