GIMP and Images

I don’t like graphic design. Mainly because I am not good at it and it is hard. But there are a few things that you probably need to be able to do in GIMP. Don’t get me wrong; it (GIMP)  is a great program. Complicated though. Like Drupal

Being able to take an image with a white background and isolate it so that it


sits on your background unobtrusively is a great thing to be able to do. Here are a few hints how to do this in GIMP to go from this on the right to the image below. And because I have integrated images using the linking feature (look it up in the earlier post, it is under LinkImage module) it is also a link to the sponsor’s site. Very nice.


This is not a step by step for GIMP; these are the highlights.

  •  In Gimp create a background layer that is transparent.
  • add the JPG or whatever it is as a layer above that.
  • Use the Magic wand to isolate all the white part of the top layer, the white being what you don’t want to see in the final image.
  • as you delete it, you will see the transparency layer show through as the checkerboard. it will begin to look like the image at the bottom
  • when you have removed all the extraneous white, export the image to a png. it will now show as a float over the background that you have and will appear as seen on the left. this is a great thing to be able to do to process images. and the wand tool will work with other colors if you play with it a bit.


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