Blocks and Panels together

I’m now leaning towards using some blocks in my page design. Here is something to think about.

I have been using Panel Pages almost exclusively for my page designs. But what I am finding is that I believe that it will be beneficial to use some blocks for things that I really never want to change, regardless of the parts of the site that the user navigates to. These parts right now mainly include the header and the menu bar. I believe that i will always want to have a few specific elements there. they will never change. So, I am enabling those with Blocks and then the “middles” of the pages with Panels elements. I believe that this will trim up the amount of CSS that I have to add to a site. And I believe it will help with the cross platform experience too. meaning mobile….

I’ll have to do a little tweaking, but I believe that it is going to provide a better framework for me. It’s like the servers in a farm; they all have the same base build regardless of the application that will eventually live there. That type of consistency always made sense to an infrastructure guy like me. Don’t know why I didn’t think of the parallel sooner except that I am really not very good at this type of stuff. But, when monkey-man do something over and over again, monkey-man get good at it. ;-)

after ten. must sleep.

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