Views Slideshow and Ticker Modules

These are two really cool modules. The slide show will allow you to carousel between several different items. Pictures, text, a combination. Lots of cool options. I have a slideshow of four pics that are relevant to my audience. I can see some options for adding some text to the show for instructional purposes. Very cool.

The ticker module will allow you to have a scrolling marquee of sorts. I have implemented it on a View of agreggator items. This allows me to have a scrolling marquee of the latest news stories. and I don’t have to do anything to get them to update because they are a part of the same View that I use for the TN24. learn drupal -

There are a couple of things that I had to do to get it styled right. When I first set it up, the headlines were spaced way too broadly. They had a lot of empty space between them. So, I tried looking at the code of the library for the mod first. I didn’t find anything. So I started poking around with the View itself. And the way I made it format properly, without touching the CSS, was to “trim” the post to a max number of characters. I chose 65 because that gave me the result I wanted without adding ellipses to too many of the stories. great module though.

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