CSS to specific Panels – another way

This is a better way to add CSS to individual Panel Panes. And really it is the way that it was designed to w0rk, i believe. Take a closer look at the SSs to see whstartlearningdrupal - css and panelsat is going on.

    • Edit the Panel in the Panels Admin section of Drupal
    • Edit the content of the Pane you want to be able to w0rk independently with
    • Choose CSS Properties
    • Add a CSS ID and a CSS Cl@ss save all this. I had to clear Cache to see what I needed after saving
    • Using Firebug, track down the Login Block info.
    • Highlight the Login-css-id div tag on the left
    • Right click on the right hand side and choose Add Rulestartlearningdrupal - css and panels
    • Make these Firebug “local” changes to test what you want
    • When you are good with the change, transfer the syntax to the actual CSS file and save it
    • startlearningdrupal - css and panels


    • Test your changes again.




startlearningdrupal - css and panels


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