User Profiles Page – Customizing with Panels

I have spent the last couple of days working with the user profiles pages. I have some specific needs that I haven’t been able to acheive. And some of the places that you have to go to enable/disable certain pages/forms/elements are a little tricky. But I am going to try to explain.

  • I’m using Panels for everything.
  • I am talking about styling what the user see when the My Account menu item is clicked.

To get the Panels part to work properly with the User Profiles, there are two Panel Panes that you need to enable. They are listed under Pages:Image

Once enabled, these Panel Pages will override the system forms that are displayed. Then you can customize the user profile stuff with Panels. But when you get there, you may notice that things don’t look quite right. You will notice that you appear to be missing quite a few of the expected editable details.

This really tripped me up. But this is what you have to do. There is a listing under Form in the add content section of the edit pages section called General Form:


When you add it you will see that it is also listed as  ‘”User being edited” base form’ in the content drag and drop UI.


Then, when you browse to the page with this form added you will see that this is all the real editable content that you are mainly concerned with. It’s just buried. In the last SS, it is in the left column. The stuff on the right is separate.


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