Upload multiple files to multiple entities (nodes, tax. etc)

This is something that I am surprised that more people don’t seem to use.

I have modules like IMCE and Plupload to help me upload multiple files simultaneously. There is always a need for that. But I have had some trouble getting the multiple file aspect of the upload to work so I also downloaded the Multiupload Module. This is a really simple module that enables a widget in the image file or image field type of a content type. clear as mud, huh? 😉 look at the ss to see what I mean. This is the content type called Bulk Media Files that I created for this operation. And the widget that I am using is the Multiupload widget. This will allow me to upload multiple files to that content type at the same time. But, what I wind up with is one node with a bunch of images in it. I  need a way to upload multiple images to individual nodes at one time. And I found a great module called Bulk Media Upload.











All you have to do after you install the mod is to configure where you want the files to go. You have some good options too.  You can set it to Node, Tax. Term, OG group and more. Then you can choose where to put it within that Entity. A finally, you can choose the field to place the file in. It must be an image or file field or you will get an error. So here, I have the Node, then the Bulk Media Files (a custom content type that i created for this. And then Image, which is a field in the content type that I added.

bulk media config













Go to Content, Bulk Media Upload and you will get this screen. This is the main area, where you can choose replacement patterns for the about-to-be-created nodes. Choose your files, upload and….











You will see a summary of all the newly created nodes, each based off of an individual file. Quite helpful for me. The replacement patterns will be helpful in giving you flexibility in Views when presenting your images.



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