Remove Title from a node – Good for image displays

I often don’t need a title for a node displaying an image. the image is the title. the text title just gets in the way. Use the Exclude Node Title module to clean this up. But be careful with the permissions – see the issue that I have copied from the web site that I opened.

I have a Views Slideshow that shows the images titles at the top of the SH for authenticated users but not admins. I don’t believe that it is the view itself. I have tried several different methods for troubleshooting (deleted view, readded, added the image field, made sure that the title field isn’t listed anywhere in the view) All to no avail.

I have a couple of screen shots. This is bizarre. I have been troubleshooting this for hours with no success. the attached ss show the main page of the site, where the slideshow is displayed via a panel page. even the preview for the view doesn’t show the title field. of course, that is as an admin too. – link to the issue with permissions on hiding the title on a node.

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