Organic Groups

The first stage of my site will only involve people from the state of TN. But let’s say that the idea proves to be popular and I am in a position to expand the site to other states and I must be able to do that relatively quickly. I need to be able to:

  • Organize content to geography (state by state)
  • Allow members to see other states if they want to but see only their state by default
  • allow a home state to be chosen in the future but have all members in TN right now
  • have every site function be state specific, organizationally and functionally

So, I know that I have to have Organic Groups installed, configured and properly implemented. questions:

  • If each user account has a default group (and only one since you can’t live in more than one state) is that enough to organize content
  • Does there need to be a separate content type for each state even though the content itself is the same?
  • Can the same interfaces be used to display content from different states separately?

All I can do at this point is work with it and see. – From – read this…

Create Content Type – TN Members – Take the defaults, not pro front, etc. no pdf printer options




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