Breadcrumbs – Path Breadcrumbs, Disable Breadcrumbs and more

You wouldn’t think that BCs would be such a sore subject, but in Drupal, apparently they are.

I have pretty simple needs for my BCs; I really only need them on the Forums pages. and the ones that come with the core are pretty limited. I think that I have come up with a pretty good workaround.

I am using the Path Breadcrumbs and the Disable Breadcrumbs modules. I use the DB module’s Disable All feature to completely get rid of the core crumbs and the Path mod to set the ones that I do need.

I also looked at Custom Breadcrumbs as well and it certainly has a great install base, but the documentation seems to be really light.

There is a nice CodeKarate video for Path that helped me quite a bit. Frankly, I’m getting a bit tired of slogging my way through modules that are powerful but difficult to implement and poorly documented as well. Drupal is already tough enough.


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