Multilingual Forums

I’m polishing up my site, getting it ready for Production. This site is completely bilingual. The user account is tied to a field that defines their prefered language. English or Spanish. I am using the following multilingual/multilanguage modules. All of these mods are used in one fashion or another. Here are some of the highlights:


  • User defined language in user settings
  • Language drop down to switch back and forth between two enabled languages on the fly for either language.
  • Panel integration of the Bing translator widget (see the blog earlier for more info) to cover externally generated content translation
  • Taxonomy translation and multilingual forum integration with the choice shown below in SS.

what I have for forums allows me to have containers that are common (language neutral, so to speak) and forums that are in either language and can be under any container. So Spanish speakers can see the English forums (and vice versa) and they can translate any content they want via the MS Translator widget. I manually translate as much of the interface as I can and use the localization update to help, but there is simply no way for me to translate the volume of stuff that comes in every day. So, I use the widget. 


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