Tools for PHP Development – Yii Framework

PHP is the backbone of Drupal and one of the most versatile programming languages for database driven  web applications. Developing applications in PHP really isn’t too difficult in general, but there are always tools that can make development easier.

Image has released another good title focusing on the Yii Framework for fast-turnaround PHP Development. Yii provides a great workspace for PHP developers to extend their abilities to connect to databases, validate forms, manage team resources and a lot more.

This particular book, Instant Building Multi-Page Forms with Yii How-to, is one of the “quick-and-dirty” titles from Packt. Free of fluff, to the point and aggressively priced, it provides an invaluable resource for creating PHP forms that can handle anything from user registrations to payment processing. It even covers AJAX enabling your forms for truly dynamic page content without page refreshes.

Check it out today at

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